Chili garden (Milpitas)

Anyone been recently? A recent yelp photo shows toothpick lamb and some other cool looking Sichuan dishes. They’ve had Golden Spicy Soup with lamb on the menu for a while, a Sichuan dish served at Sichuan Impression in San Gabriel Valley, but not available elsewhere in the Bay Area.

Is that the place that we walked in during the chowdown, but walked out because they didn’t serve certain things during lunch?

I think we were hunting for skewers at CBI.

Apple Green Bistro in Cupertino has it too. They call it the Sliced Lamb Golden Soup 金湯肥羊. Its just as far, though, if that’s what you want to try.

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I think some call the dish 酸汤肥羊.

The ownership changed in 2013. The current chef is from Chongqing, a pattern that seems to be more common in the Southbay, peninsula, and fremont than San Francisco and the northern East Bay (e.g. Sichuan Chongqing Restaurant, Spicy Way, and Spicy Town)

They’ve got a new menu, not fully online yet and more updated than their takeout menu. The specialities listed under Section A are listed as “9 pepper” dishes, but really have A mix of around four types of chilies and or red or green Sichuan peppercorns.

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Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2