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Pretty interesting story about the spread of peppers around the World .



Excellent article on a subject near and dear to my heart. Thanks for posting.

The photo of “Pepper Shrimp” is actually crawfish. Do Jamaicans call crawfish “shrimp”?

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Hmmm… $10 Jamaican is less than 8 cents US. They make it seem like the pepper grower is reaping a fortune.

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Nice to see the author has more ambitious plans for this topic than just an essay in a low volume magazine.

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Here’s the reply from the author to a similar query in the comments of the original article:

“They do indeed do crawfish in Jamaica! You’d find them at the same spots, cooked in the same way, as the pepper shrimp, the most famous place for which is a tiny town called Middle Quarter. I don’t think you’d ever say you’re going out for pepper crawfish, though; the term “pepper shrimp” encompasses all such crustaceans.”



Great story!

I love growing peppers, and grew dozens of so called “scotch bonnets”, searching for the one my in-laws would say was “right”. I finally started saving MIL’s ( “Jean”) seeds, but grow only one very hot a year. Now I focus on the “seasoning” peppers which have the same arona, a lot of the flavor, but much less of the heat.