Chick'n Rice (Khao Mun Gai) in Downtown Berkeley report w/ PICS

I tried out Chick’n Rice in Downtown Berkeley which is next to Sliver Pizza on Center Street close to Downtown Berkeley Bart so you don’t need to drive there.

I got #1 KMG (Khao Mun Gai) - poached chicken with chicken rice small $8.99, the regular is $10.99. I picked small because I wanted to get Happy Lemon after so didn’t want to fill up.

Food came out really fast. It had about 4 carved up boneless chicken white meat with skin on, a scoop of white rice, and some sliced cucumbers. Small cup of chicken broth soup w/ daikon given too on the side and a brown container of sauce.

I liked the KMG and the soup. Very tasty! Get the “pork” sauce on the back table if you like it super spicy and garlicy.

Seating inside had maybe 20 spots, I sat at the two-top and it’s tight there.

You can charge it. One unisex bathroom in the back with a chicken mirror which was cool.

Chick’n Rice
2136 Center St, Berkeley 94704
Daily Hrs: 11am-9:30am, Th-Sat until 10pm


Thanks for the review, the amount of chicken in the small khao mun gai looks pretty decent. Did the rice have good chicken-y chicken fat flavor?

This is apparently the first location of a potential chain with national aspirations, started by the founders of Caviar:

Set the seasoning aside, how’s the quality of the chicken itself?

If they succeed, I certainly won’t mind eating khao mun gai at, e.g. airports, or along Hwy 5.

sorry I didn’t notice the rice having any chicken or chicken fat flavor. I hope you can try it and report back! You can eat it there or take-out.

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I’m not sure of the quality of the chicken, just know it was tasty! I hope you can try it and report back next time you’re in Downtown Berkeley.

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