Chicken waffle chocolate, oh my!

A Christmas gift from a friend included a bar of Hammond’s Chicken & Waffles milk chocolate, made in Colorado. According to the ingredient list, the waffle part is a typical wafer cookie and chicken flavored soup base takes the place of any ACTUAL chicken (oil, onion, celery, garlic, salt, pepper, turmeric). There is genuine maple syrup in there, too.

I am VERY reluctant to open it! Anyone braver than I ever sample something like this?


Oooh, chicken [and?] waffle chocolate is a new one on me.

I’ll bet that trying it would spark a lively conversation with your friend, so there’s that.

I see no reviews online. They also make a Pigs N Taters chocolate bar with jarred bacon bits and potato chips. Mixed reviews. Why don’t you just take a bite and let us know.:slightly_smiling_face:

Have a stiff drink first for courage.


As Sasha says…besides, it’s the holidays! Actually, I speculate it probably tastes pretty good, especially if you like chocolate.

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The verdict: tastes like milk chocolate with a slight crunch. The wafer cookie part is pulverized. There’s MAYBE a slight umami finish but if I weren’t looking for it, wouldn’t detect it. My taste buds are old, like the rest of me, but I have never smoked so they should still be fit for duty. I am not a fan of milk chocolate, though.