Chicken Pot Pie in Greater Cambridge MA

Home with a virus and an odd craving for chicken pot pie, would like rec’s. No puff pastry versions, just regular piecrust. TIA

Petsi Pies has them whole or by the slice but perhaps not every day. Marie Callender’s frozen ones are quite good. I don’t care for Harrow’s since they lack onion. Boston Market has good ones in the restaurants; if their frozen supermarket line includes CPP, I have no idea how they compare to fresh. Ashamed to admit liking KFC’s version, which is puff pastry.

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The Wilson Farms frozen chicken pot pies used to be a favorite of my father. Haven’t bought one in at least four years, but Wilson Farms doesn’t tend to change much up if it works. Real crust.

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Thanks for that tip, smt.

I bought one last year or so for my parents and it had an (to us) overly sweet biscuit topping. Fillings were good, though.

There should be a standard crust version in the freezer case over by the potatoes. It is not house-made. I will try to remember to take a picture the next time I am out there.

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Petsi’s mothership on Beacon used to always have them frozen. They came with instructions to heat from the frozen state. This may have changed, though. I have not had one in close to two years. (But I have been thinking of the pies recently when I’ve shopped at that weirdly empty Star Market next door.)

Yes, I know what you mean. The house-made buffalo chicken, the chicken and the vegetarian pot pies all have a sweet topping, which is off-putting to me. They are in the refrigerator section and are often offered as tasting samples. The biscuit topping is definitely too sweet for me. There are other pies in the freezer section with a traditional two-crust pastry, and I believe those are the ones that smtucker is referring to. I haven’t tried them, but will pick one up soon. My husband likes an occasional chicken pot pie. For a super quick meal, he’ll even be happy with a Boston Market pot pie.

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I also like KFC chicken pie. It’s not puff pastry but regular pie crust.

Try Schwan’s pot pies. Very good but you might have to wait for delivery!

picked up an outstanding chicken pie pie from stillman’s quality meats a few weeks ago at the somerville winter farmers market. homemade crust made with lard. took me back to my childhood.

sadly, they don’t have them every week.


this sounds promising. will keep an eye out for that. thanks!

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