Chickee - Keport, NJ

We decided to do a walk in Keyport on Friday night after FINALLY eating in at Siam Smiles in 2+ years. Driving back, my husband spotted a place called Chickee with a clean white sign. We looked it up when we got home and saw it is a BBQ restaurant. I called to make a reservation for the next night which was absolutely not needed.

We got there on Saturday night. This place is cute. Obvious attention to detail in the space. We were the only people in for a bit then another couple came in. Our server (also was cooking) said they opened only a couple months ago but have been having trouble getting/keeping staff. We decided to split two things: the slider sampler and the total smoke. Short story, we want to come back. Longer story: the slider sampler included a pulled pork, cheeseburger and nashville chicken sandwich. We both agreed the chicken was the best. Great crunch and loved the pickle. The total smoke is a platter with wings, brisket, brussel sprouts, hot sausage, mac and cheese and corn bread. YUM. Brisket was not dry. Wings crispy and smokey. The sprouts had captain crunch cereal on top which was a fun bit.

I was surprised to see they don’t have ribs! We will absolutely be back. I really hope they stay in business!


Interesting that it was news to you… I’m curious to see if anyone else on here chimes in that they’re aware of it. They’re obviously missing out on doing some publicity/pushing out some social media content.

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100% on the advertising!!!

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I’ve passed by this place for what seems like forever en route to a bagel place down the road. Never knew whether it was opened, had opened and closed, or was opening. No media presence in this area (I’m less than 10 minutes away).


According to their website, they’re supposed to have St. Louis ribs (whole and 1/2 racks platters). Strange they weren’t on the menu when you were there. In any case, the food seems worth giving take-out a try.


Well. We tried to go again but they were closed and didn’t answer the phone. Lights were on but certainly not open for business. Seemed like they had staffing issues before so hopefully that can get sorted.

Yes I’m replying to myself. My husband reached out again. I guess the loss of close BBQ was haunting him ha!

They said they had an emergency and had to close that day but are open. They desperately need help if anyone is looking.


And yes replying again to myself. Saw on Instagram, the business is for sale $100k.

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