Chicago 2016 Openings and Closings

Adobo Grill, which has been closed since a fire in August 2015, has announced that they’ll be reopening around the corner at 215 W. North Ave. They’re hoping to open by June 11th for the annual Old Town Art Fair.

California based chain The Melt will be opening a loction in the New City complex (1500 N. Clybourn) sometime this summer. This will be the California based chain’s first location east of Colorado.

Pomp & Circumstance is closing till October 25th for a “Fall Tune-Up”

Has anyone tried Smyth or The Loyalist? Both opened recently and are the work of John & Karen Shields. It looks like the Trib has enthusiastic reviews.

I was able to dine at Town House in Va. several times and each meal was memorable.
This couple is incredibly talented.

The Tribune restaurant critic just gave them four stars. The review is behind the paywall, but if you Google “smyth and the loyalist tribune” and click on the link to the review you’ll be able to see the article.

I have heard good things about them. More for the Loyalist. Planning on going next month, though I think the review will push it back to January.

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Also, Fox Restaurant Concepts, from Phoenix, announced their opening date for True Food Kitchen in River North. It is going to be November 22nd.

Is this thread also for times that restaurants open up offerings for brunch or lunch service? If so, La Sirena Clandestina has reinstated Sunday brunch (10-2) and Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen will now have a Sunday brunch.