[Chiang Mai, Thailand] Taechiu-style Rice Porridge from Khao Tom PaThom

Taking a break from Chiang Mai’s ultra-spicy Northern Thai cuisine, we made a bee-line for Khao Tom PaThom, a popular Thai Taechiu–Chinese rice porridge spot. Plain rice porridge here is served with a variety of side-dishes, mostly pork- or salted vegetable-based. Pickings are not as rich as similar set-ups by their brethren in Singapore and Malaysia, but which I though reflects the more austere, spartan lifestyle of Chiang Mai’s residents.

Place your order by selecting from the (rather limited) choice of side-dishes on display at the display/cooking stations up front.

Our breakfast selection:

Stewed aubergines - tinted with basil leaves here, an unusual addition as Thailand’s ethnic Chinese populace is not known for liking the smell/taste of basil leaves like the native Thais do.

Sweet Chinese waxed sausages. The extra “sweetness” is to cater to the local Thai palate:

Crisp-fried salt-marinated pork:

Soy-braised soybean curd (tofu)

Pork meatballs and seaweed soup>

Very popular place, judging from the non-stop train of customers coming for their favourite breakfast fix.

Khao Tom PaThom
219/8 Chang Puerk Road
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Tel: +66 53 219 655

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Compare the selection of dishes at PaThom, compared to its Penang counterpart: Tai Buan Porridge in Penang.