[Chiang Mai, Thailand] - Northern Thai @ Lert Ros

I’ve never been that enamoured with most of the Thai food in London ( there have been a few better places opening up in the last couple of years to be fair) apart from those places that did northern Thai food. So I was pretty excited to be in Chiang Mai for the first time. Didn’t want to venture too far but found this place 5 mins walk from the guesthouse.

There was a small queue but that enables a good look at the items being grilled outside the restaurant.

The menu is quite short and the focus is very much on the grill, particularly the fish and prawns but they also have grilled pork and beef.

A par exemplar som tam. Sweet, sour spicy and very refreshing.

Fermented pork. Not a looker , I’ll grant you but packed full of porky flavour.

Grilled tilapia. Well cooked with lovely crispy skin. Not my favourite fish though always tastes a bit “muddy” to me.

I had a very refreshing dragonfruit shake to drink. Will probably return especially for some prawns which looked great. All in all a good first meal in Chiang Mai.

Lert Ros
ถนน ราชดำเนิน ซอย 1 อำเภอ เมือง Rachadumneon road. Soi 1 Chiang Mai 50100


I love tilapia. I’d read lots of “horror” stories about it, esp. from Americans who’re definitely not enamoured with the fish. But I was introduced to this fish by KL friends back in 2011, and I never looked back since. KL-lites love tilapia in a big way, and the fish was almost ubiquitous in most seafood and “dai chow” (cooked food) eateries in KL. I must have had tilapia on more than 100 occasions over the past 5 years!

Your first Chiengmai food foray looked superb! Look forward to more of your reports.

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