Chiang Mai favorites, and some misses.

(Ziv) #1

I am in Chiang Mai at the moment and really enjoying the food and coffees.
My first stop was Kanjana for the Gaeng Hung Lay with a mango shake and both were phenomenal. Really good meal, good people too.
Hit Jok Sompet for Seafood Congee/Jok with raw egg. Again, very good, thicker than I am used to and the cooked liver I tasted makes me think I might not have gotten what I thought I ordered.
Went to SP Chicken for the fried chicken and som tom w/crab. Underwhelming. The chicken was only ok, kind of slimey, must have been an off day for them, or me. Som tom was ok, didn’t finish it though.
Visited the Cowboy Hat Lady and her sprawling enterprise at North Gate (Chiang Phuak). Stewed pork leg with soft boiled egg over rice with cold mustard greens served at the table from a pitcher. Very good! The pork is excellent and the yolk of the egg was just slightly runny. Delicious! Great bargain too. What a scrum of fellow tourists, though!
Dined on the Khai Kata at Coconut Shell plus a mango and lime shake. Outstanding! And a bargain too. Khai kata is a fried egg and chili dish served in the pan it is cooked in, and lime really does make mango taste even better!
Hit Blue Noodle for beef noodle soup, good but not great and it seemed kind of lacking in adult supervision. One server was throwing an ice cream bar at the other server. They did pick the offending ice cream bar up after the dispute but they put it back in the freezer…
Khao Soi Samer Jai was a bit of a disappointment. The place was heaving, obviously very popular. Scores of table and only one or two open. The server was helpful and got my order quickly, and the khao soi was rich and full of flavor, but the serving size was small and the flies were pretty numerous and assertive. Plus I had a bit of the gut for a couple hours after eating there, never pleasant. Tasty dish, but I don’t think I will go back.
Visited Cafe de Thaan Aoan for breakfast. I think I picked the wrong time of the day to go. The place gets really good reviews, but my cappuccino was muddy and tasted like a vile sort of instant coffee. Plus my breakfast congee with pork was really thin and unassuming, something was missing from this dish. Just a forgettable meal.
Took a cooking class with Asia Scenic at their farm. Just 1,000 Baht for the half day (more like 3/4 day!) and it was a really good time and the tasting tour of the garden was really interesting. I cooked my own basil stir fried chicken, a spring roll, kaprow gai, sticky rice and mango and khao soi. A lot of fun and good food, even if I did cook it myself.
I visited Lert Ros for the BBQ fish but ended up ordering Nam Tok (thai spicy) and Fermented Pork w/sticky rice. The beef was super stringy and tough, but the sauce with the Nam Tok was spicey and tasted great. The fermented pork was a bit too rich for me, I didn’t quite finish it. Now I have to go back for the red tilapia that everyone was ordering, it looks really good.
I still haven’t visited a cafe I went to last year, Jiang Healthy Fish Ball, which was really good. So I have several places still to visit and less than 24 hours to go! LOL!