Chiang Mai -- B Samcook Home16

There have been many additions to the high end dining scene in Chiang Mai. Most are international restaurants. The most welcome addition is B Samcook Home16 – – with spectacular Thai Fusion cuisine.

There is an ala carte menu but every night Chef Boy creates a 7 course set dinner. Every dish is near perfect, if it isn’t perfect. I joked on one of our local food pages that my biggest complaint was that the plating wasn’t up to Michelin standards. There were two dishes with dark sauces that got lost on a black plate. They must have read my comments because last night we had two similar dishes but they were plated more artistically this time. Someone else complained about the floral arrangement on the plate. I wanted to come up with another superfluous complaint but I can’t think of one.

Even though this is a 7 course set menu, the serving sizes don’t match what you would expect of a “tasting” menu. Each course is normal size. I’m a big eater and I never go home without feeling stuffed.

If this restaurant was located in a bigger city, you would be happy to pay triple the price. But this is Chiang Mai. The tasting menu is 990 baht ($32 incl tax). Yes, that’s high end in Chiang Mai.
Locals and expats already know about this so reservations are required at busy times of the year.

Menu attached so I don’t have to include a description with each photo.


Terrific comments. Great photos.

I’ve also now got an earbug: “Another Saturday Night

A lot of drinks included in the meal!

Looks good the whole meal. Which is your favourite dish?

For the salmon dish, I guess you are supposed to juice with the citrus fruit, maybe a plating mistake to have the dark juice below the citrus fruit. It seems a bit messy we need to clean the sauce from our hands.

What was that dark sauce?

Yes, it’s 3 (non-alcoholic) drinks, but it’s 6 food courses since there are two main courses, each served separately. Not sure how/why he says “seven”. it should be either 6 or 9. But there is almost always an extra course thrown in, usually another dessert but last time a whole extra entree.

Yes, the explanation we got when the salmon was served was that the citrus was to be squeezed on the fish to cut the spiciness of the “spicy lime sauce”. (I don’t know how he gets the sauce so dark.) It went well together but I agree with you, it was messy squeezing the orange that already had sauce on it. That would be my complaint! But then again, some of the other courses were meant to be eaten with your fingers. When they saw me having trouble using a knife on the ribs, the chef came over and told me to just pick it up with my hands.