Chez Maman East (SF - Potrero Hills)

Sitting at the bar of a restaurant is rarely our preferred place but there are some places with the “right” ambience where it’s actually the best place for us - Chez Maman East is one of these places. A small, unpretentious bistro in Potrero Hill. French influenced menu with some of the classics like duck confit, steak tartare etc. Every few months we end up at their bar (their no reservation policy can make it difficult on weekends to find a spot)

Frisee, poached egg, lardons, red wine vinaigrette

Beef tartare, Dijon mustard, capers, shallots, quail egg, toast points

Roasted duck confit, potatoes gratin, haricot vert, port reduction

Fettuccine carbonara

Crepe tatin, roasted caramelized apples with chantilly


Thanks for the report and photos! I haven’t been to the Potrero Hill Chez Maman in ages but I remember they had a great burger as well. I do go to the Chez Maman in Hayes Valley ever so often. They also have a good moules marinières with frites and also a good blanquette de veau that I don’t see too often on menus around here.

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