Chez Alain Miam Miam, Paris

I just read about this place. It is supposed to have the best sandwiches in Paris. Anyone know it? @naf?

Marché de Enfants Rouges, it is a great place. Chez Alain M M is known, he sells galettes, crepes and blinis in cones shape. Also a speciality from Nice: soccas (chickpea flour) and with good cheese like comté, beef, chicken plus a handful of vegetables.

Does he also have pain bagnat?

Kind of, more panini type of bread or the huge blinis.

Chez Aline in the 11e you can find that.

Thanks! Chezaline has been on my radar. Now we’ll definitely go.

You can also checkout Bagnard in 75002, they have also pan bagnat. Operated by Yoni Saada, quarter finalist of French top chef season 4.


Alain Miam Miam has 2 addresses now.

Orignal address:
Marché des Enfants-Rouges
39 rue de Bretagne
Wed-Sun 9h - 15h30

New since 5 June, by the son of Alain Roussel:
26 rue Charlot
Tue-Sun 8h30 - 17h

More info (French):

Also noted!