Chettinad Indian Grill, Burlington, MA

This place is the latest in a string of Indian restaurants that have occupied the same location on Cambridge Street. Chettinad Grill, however, provides a larger selection of lunch buffet items, a preponderance of which are vegetarian, than did its predecessors. I was pleasantly surprised. When I went there for dinner last month, my choice of entree apparently signaled to the server that I belonged in the “advanced class” of non-Asian diners, so he asked if I would like to try the “special” condiment, and though the little bowl he brought was way too spicy for me, I appreciated the consideration.

The place was almost empty so I easily heard the departing table’s raves over their meal. I asked the manager what they had ordered. He explained that they ordered many items but were especially enamored of the special frozen dessert, which included cake. So I ordered it too. When he asked how I liked it, he was clearly pleased that I identified it as kulfi with bits of cake mixed in, and that I enjoyed it.

I think Chettinad Grill may give Ritu Ki Rasoi a run for its money. (I love RKR, but in summer the place is just too hot for me.) Long may they both live!

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Interesting - congrats on getting a chettinad place, one of my favorite cuisines. And an independent, at that.

It seems that only a portion of dishes are chettinad - like chettinad chicken curry ( probably “pepper chicken” ? ), but the “manchurian” dishes are there. Did you try the chettinad dishes specially ?

Here’s one of our places that’s a global chain, just for cross reference, perhaps you’ve been to one of these …

Did you really say “advanced class” to the server? :smile:

Sometimes I try to get a similar message across, usually with various degree of failure. So I should try this term.

No, I didn’t say that as I am fairly wimpy when it comes to chili heat. I think that when I didn’t order Chicken Tikka Masala, he “promoted” me.

Bbulkow, I don’t know which buffet items were Chettinad and which weren’t,