[Cheshire] Rode Hall Farmers Market

Rode Hall is a couple of miles or so south of Congleton and just off the A34. We’ve been several times to its gardens - which are fab in February with masses of snowdrops - but this is the first time to the monthly farmers market.

It’s a good market with around 60 stalls of which maybe 25% are crafts rather than food. It was good for meat including a couple of free range pig farmers and a guy who raises aniimals for both lamb and mutton. Several cheese people, including Bourne’s Cheshire which, to my mind, is the leading cheese product in the county. Goodlly number of more specialist “home” producers - the ones knocking out scones, truffles and the like in their kitchen.

Well worth a visit iif in the area. And it’ll be particularly worthwhile if you combine market and snowdrops.