Chelsea Market find: Seed + Mill...

The Chelsea Market in the Meatpacking District has to be one of the most popular food-related attractions in the city. It bustles! On our last run thru we found a new shop called Seed + Mill that makes delicious halvah along with other Middle Eastern specialties. They look like cakes sitting behind the counter. I have enjoyed halvah since I was a kid, but my daughter was never fond of it until she took a bite of this version. Took some home for snacking.
Anyone tried it? What other recent food finds have you encountered at Chelsea Market?

I tasted their halva last time i was there and it is delicious! I finally made it to Dizengoff recently and had their hummus-i went with the classic and it was excellent, the pita they bake there and serve with it is amazing…
Of course every visit i end up at fat witch to get at least one of their blondies

Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, I went there too. I tried their goat milk ice cream and the bought a little halva which I think is excellent. While the goat milk ice cream is not bad at all, I didn’t taste a lot of “goat” in it. Maybe because it is cold and the flavor is suppressed.

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Oh, i’ve been to the victory gardens location in the w village a number of times, i’m not a fan of the “funk” goatsmilk products can have so i like that it is mild. If you go to their store be sure to taste the herb version which is my favorite. They also sell goatsmilk yogurt there which definitely has that funk flavor.

I had to google. Seed + Mill serves the goat milk ice cream from Victory Garden. Thanks for the information.

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Their halva is amazing. Can’t wait to try more when I am in the area. Never tasted goat’s milk products, that I recall, so I wonder…

So many things to try Chelsea…

What do you people think of Chelsea Market (NY) vs Reading Terminal Market (Phila)?

This would make for a good thread on its own, but I like Reading Market, too. It is more of an urban market right in the heart of Philly. I recall enjoying a few good meals and snacks there including one of the best fresh turkey sandwiches I’ve ever had. So many kiosks.
Chelsea Market is more by design, if you know what I mean…

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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