Good thing I live alone. I would not take kindly to someone hovering in my kirchen!


I’m guessing here - too much else in queue to listen to a podcast but I think I get the concept.

My wife and I are pretty careful to avoid this. When it’s her night to cook and I help I do what she wants her way (except for knife work, which is mostly want she values my help with). When I cook and she helps she mostly does things my way. It’s an effort to keep one’s lip button.

The “why” would be interesting Erica @greygarious if it can be boiled down.

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It’s me. But only when asked!

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You guys have assigned nights to cook?


I once saw a sign at a mechanic’s garage that read:

My hourly rate is $25/hr.
If you watch it is $35/hr.
If you help it is $50 hr.


One of the guilty parties in the podcast is himself a psychologist. After prodding, he conceded that it might be a matter of low self-esteem. When an inexperienced partner tries to control a professional cook, a slapdown is in order!


“Assigned” is not the right word. It’s more like “won.” When we meal plan we decide who is going to cook each night.