Chef Tan (Highland Park, NJ)

Tried a new restaurant tonight! # 309 to be exact. I’ve given up doing the blog for lack of time, but I’ll still keep track of restaurants on social media and HO.

We went to Chef Tan in Highland Park, NJ. It gave Sichuan Cottage a run for its money! Justin and I came in out of the cold and rain to hot tea and spicy food. The menu is illustrated, descriptive, and large, consisting of both authentic Chinese and more Americanized dishes. There are plenty of items you could call “adventurous” such as various offal, nose-to-tail odds and ends, organ meats, whole fishes, frog, and even duck blood. But there are also plenty of “normal” options.

We both had Sichuan style chicken dishes: his sautéed with lots of garlic and mine with tofu in a spicy, oily sauce. The Sichuan peppercorns provided that familiar mouth-numbing sensation. For appetizers, we shared wontons in chili oil and the crispiest scallion pancake I’ve ever had. This was excellent cuisine in a warm and inviting setting. I should have taken pics of the decor as well. Perfect place for a cold night! Would definitely return.


Great place indeed. My daughter used to live a few blocks away from there and we had the pleasure of eating there a couple three times. I kind of want her to move back now that you mention it.