Chef Paul Prudhomme - RIP

From CNN

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It’s very sad. That’s the way I remember him. G and I attended a cooking demo with him and he signed the three cookbooks I brought with me, surprised they were first editions since I had bought them about 25 years earlier.

Speaking of demonstrations, we enjoyed the blackened redfish we watched him cook for us at K-Paul over 30 years ago.

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Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen is one of my desert island cookbooks. I found it in the bargain section of a Half Priced Books and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent on a cookbook. (It’s also the only reason I ever have Uncle Ben’s in the cupboard)

A great loss. Répose en paix, Chef. Deserving of a grand Jazz Funeral.

His jalapeno chicken curry prep with bananas, raisins, apples and pecans has been one of my standbys for >20 years. I’ll make it this weekend in his honor.

Perhaps you’d paraphrase it on the Home Cooking Board, and other Hunions could do the same with *their * Prudhomme favorites?