Chef (Movie 2014)

Just caught this on Showtime (free this weekend) very entertaining movie about a chef and how a popular food blogger and his scathing review affected the chefs life. Entertaining about a topic near and dear to us and perhaps an interesting reference to the old site we used to participate on.

(@CurlzNJ @seal @corvette_johnny @BossaNova also a bit similar to our experience with my old pal Jen at Russel and Bette’s lol)


Saw it. I think he got a lot more hits than we ever do though. I liked it.

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My wife and I love that flick. when Bowtie in RB ran it we saw it two nights in a row. Now we own a copy. There were dozens of shout outs in the movie.

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So funny… This movie just came up in conversation this weekend! I remember thinking it was terrific

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It’s a great movie. My kids enjoyed it too.

I saw it and I thought it was a very good small movie by Jon Favreau. It has a few unpolished areas, but that is what gives small scale independent films (or even games) their charms.

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Loved that movie, though I don’t remember the CH reference!

The Oliver Platt character from California started an online food blog which became very popular, he later sold it (for millions) to a public company. (sound familiar???)

(now all I have to do is get my own board and start instigating chef’s - although I do already have two confirmed incidents where chef’s /managers have “monitored” my posts)


I’m surprised everyone liked that movie so much . . . . I thought it was . . .eh?!? The plot line was so heavy handed and tired - creative person is being squashed by the man, the man is crushing their sole and ruining their whole life, if only they were allowed to do whatever they wanted everything would be wonderful and people would love them . . . .

As someone who likes to consider themselves a creative person - not everything we do is great, sometimes our ideas turn out to be crap. Movies with this plot line certainly speak to my inner voice that screams “f- the man”, but I find them self indulgent and counterproductive. sometimes my best work is created when I’m working around constraints.

Anyway - just my recollection of the movie, its been a while since I’ve seen it.


We also enjoyed the soundtrack.


i have to agree, i cringed through the whole movie.