Chef John Folse, NOLA

I’m curiously curious why Chef Folse and his places aren’t mentioned more here and in the general culinary press. I would think that by now he’d be more recognized, if not in the pantheon of NOLA chefs.

What gives?

In the previous Millennium we lunched at Lafite’s Landing under the bridge in Donaldsville. on the strength of having seen him on TV, on the way back to New Orleans from Lafayette. Remember that it was quiet, he was in the house, though can’t remember the meal, though we’re sure the reviews were it was worth seeking.

Thanks. I’ve not yet tried any of his places, but I’m familiar with a couple of his books. If he’s a poseur, he’s a very convincing one.

More than most NOLA chefs I follow, Folse seems deeply involved in the hunting, harvesting, foraging and fishing sources of his ingedients. I like that a lot, and that makes me wonder all the more at his relative obscurity.

I recently acquired a copy of his book on Louisiana’s food festivals, with representative recipes. I’m excited to explore!

I have certainly heard of him. He may be too serious or low key for mass appeal? From what I’ve seen, he doesn’t have much ‘personality’. To be a success in the mass media you have to be larger than life and/or have a schtick (Bam!).

Lack of (what passes for) personality isn’t a huge deal for me. It may be that he is merely less self-promotional.

To draw comparisons, I’m more impressed by chefs like the Troisgroves and Fenand Point than I am by those who grasp at celebrity to sell another plate of food.

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Absolutely for me too.

AFAIK he only has two places, Restaurant R’Evolution (in New Orleans) and Lafitte’s Landing at Bittersweet Plantation (in Donaldsonville). R’Evolution is absolutely mentioned, to great acclaim, in NOLA food circles. I’ve only been there once, because I’m not much of a white-tablecloth person, but I had a great meal there.

His cookbook is also very well regarded.

Just looked at R’Evolution menu. We’d order everything on it, and expect we’d enjoy all of it.

The gumbo at either place is some of the best around.
My brother in law would get gumbo at Lafitte’s for an appetizer and another bowl for dessert.

My dad still visits Lafittes Landing regularly.

I have only been to Revolution once but it was fantastic

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