Chef David Drake Is Now Helming the Kitchen at Newly-Opened Rudolph's Steakhouse, in Bernardsville

Cody Kendall gives 3 stars to Rudolph’s Steakhouse, just opened in Bernardsville with Chef David Drake in charge of the kitchen. (h/t to poster on Mouthfulsfood Forum)

We’re fans of David Drake dating back to his long gone eponymous restaurant in Rahway where we dined many times. Since it closed, he’s cooked in various places around the state, the most recent being in Jersey City. A steakhouse seems at first blush a rather mundane venue for someone as culinarily creative as Chef Drake is. But it sounds as though he will be using that creativity to make this steakhouse something special. So, Mr. RBI and I will definitely be checking it out.

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Roz, thank you for posting this. We never made it to Drake’s restaurant in Rahway, nor his wine bar in New Brunswick, so we may give Rudolph’s a shot.

Some years ago we went to Equus, where Rudolph’s is now, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner prepared by Scott Cutaneo. For whatever reasons, Equus did not last long, nor did Caballo, its successor. I hope Rudolph’s has more staying power.