Chef Cho (Fremont)

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Have to do a quick shoutout for my favorite Taiwanese joint in the Bay Area. The owner used to have a story in San Jose (on Saratoga Ave) called Liu He Taiwanese Street Snacks that occupied the restaurant formerly known as Min Min Pot. She puts the best renditions of Taiwanese street food I’ve had in the states but she had to shut her original location. She just reopened as Chef Cho in Fremont and in the spirit of helping a small biz owner who makes great food, wanted to let the board konw about this place. Gua bao, beef noodle soup, stinky tofu, oyster pancake, etc are all here.


Why did they close the SJ location?

I haven’t explored the Taiwanese scene much after the craze of Mama Liu/ Chen/ and some other ones I don’t remember a few years ago, which were somewhat average. What other Taiwanese joint serve up decent food?

And what do you think about these, and Shihlin?

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i think mama chen pales in comparioson. have not been to dragon gate… but the stinky tofu at chef cho is seriously good. the original shop shut because the ventilation int he kitchen was so bad the chef got sick. but happy to report that all is well and the food remains as high quality as before.


That’s great. I need to introduce the kids to the smell of stinky tofu at some point.


Finally made it here. I quite liked the meal we had. Preserved vegetable and pork stomach soup. Plenty tart, hot and refreshing. Just right for a chilly day.

Stew vermicelli with chitterling and oyster. I enjoyed this dish very much. The broth was thickened with some type of starch and its a bit sweet. The overall combo was delicious.

Forgot what this was.

House special beef noodle soup. It was ok, though I much prefer the oyster noodle soup.

Fried chicken pieces:

A variation of dan dan mian. Thought its ok: