Chef changes accommodation policy

typical social-media fueled non-story. seems that a chef got fed up with customer demands and is now changing his policies on dietary accommodations. this is a personal choice that any business owner should have the right to implement. despite the click bait headline, he’s not banning any customers (which is not possible in this case anyway – vegans aren’t identifiable by sight), he’s saying he wont accommodate certain requests. we’ve all eaten at restaurants that have a strict ‘no substitutions’ policy. it’s not an aberration. if the menu isn’t to your liking, you simply move on. hard to understand what passes as journalism these days.

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And yet you posted it.

This isn’t the first “chef, others have tantrum” story I’ve seen. Apparently they still work pretty well as clickbait.


well, the core of the article, and the only part that had value IMO was the essential premise that there is relentless pressure to cater to all dietary preferences in the industry. thats a real thing that is grappled with every day, and how one handles it can have consequences for the survivability of the business.

I have seen precious little evidence of this. People make noise about it, but steakhouses stubbornly continue to exist. I’m certainly not on team rabble-rouser here, but the chef handled this pretty badly, first by forgetting that he agreed to accommodate a diner and then by over-reacting - in a juvenile fashion - to said diner’s disgruntlement. You’ll note that she DM’d him. And he responded by making a public announcement, when he could as easily have let the whole thing go and lost only one customer.

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