Cheesecake Factory super foods

Cheesecake Factory just added some Super foods items, mostly salads. Tried one this weekend, the California Guacamole. It was pretty good, too big to finish. What I like about the new salads is that most are meatless, one is vegan.

I have to be honest, the only reason I eat at Cheesecake Factory is the honey wheat bread. I love that stuff and I get cravings for it so I sit in the bar and order a salad and devour the bread and sometimes order a second basket. The sour dough bread is good and crusty as well. Of course I could live on bread and butter so…

So I’m giving the new super foods menu a thumbs up, great option for veg heads.

Why are they called super foods? It does not sound like super foods = vegetarian foods.

The super foods are things like kale, qunioa, broccoli, blueberries…not all the salads are vegetarian they have salmon and chicken too. I just think it’s nice that they finally made salads that contain vegetable proteins instead of animal proteins like all the rest of their salads. You can always add meat to a salad if you want for an extra charge. I always order a regular salad without the chicken but I pay the same price. Seems fair to have it as a paid add-on.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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Credit: TXMX 2