Cheesecake Factory: Do you like their Cheesecakes?

In another post, it seems there are some interests about Cheesecake Factory. So I am hoping to discuss one particular aspect of the Cheesecake Factory. (No, not their beautiful bathrooms.)

What do you think of their cheesecakes? In my local Cheesecake Factory, they even have special parking spot for people who want to do takeout of the cheesecake – for short term parking.

What do you think?

Feel free to discuss anything else too.

Their cheesecake is really good – but usually so over-the-top rich that a single slice lasts a week, because I can only manage a few bites before I just can’t take another bite. I’m also not a huge cheesecake fan – if I’m going to blow that many calories, it’s going to be with something I really like.

On top of the cavernous, noisy-with-echoes dining room, the overly familiar waitstaff, the plates arriving with enough food to feed an entire family, and the unshakable feeling that everything comes out of a replicator, it’s just nope for me. If I’m in a group and everyone wants to go there, I’ll go along and find something that doesn’t suck, but I’d never be the one who says “Oh, hey, let’s go to CF!”

Actually the first couple time there, I didn’t love their cheesecakes… Then over time it kind of grew on me. So I do like them now. I don’t eat them for two reasons actually. First, yes they are very rich. Second, they not inexpensive.

Well, different kind of cheesecakes are different in size. Some are easily twice as large as another kind.

But a slice is still pretty much a slice…truly, I only manage a bite or two, then wrap it up and put it back in the fridge.

Every year at Christmastime my Mom sends me a cheesecake from The Chesecake Factory. Because I love cheesecake.

Each year I choose a different flavor. Now, mind you, theses things are huge and a few slices are meant to be shared. Last year was red velvet cake with white choc…OMG!

Havent chosen this years flavor…the hubby isnt.any help. As long as it comes in that heavy duty styrafoam cooler that he can use for fishing, etc…he doesnt care. :wink:

Send? Like mailing with ice package? The cheesecake travels well?

Oh yes, Chem. And it is extremely well packaged. I have never recieved a bad cheesecake from them, ever. They are individually sliced with a spacer. I would recommend them to anyone who wanted to send a cheesecake.

I have recieved them for Christmas for 8 yrs or so and once told the SO to buy me one for…cant remember…Love them.

I am surprise. I am not intrigued how the packaging go. Afterall, packages get toss around, upside down, side-to-side. Anyway, I am glad that you like their Cheesecake. Do you have a favor?

Well, when we started this tradition (Mom started Christmas shopping online when she retired and has never looked back, my sis and I get late gifts into Jan…) I started with the Classic Vanilla. It was ok. My friend from NY made a better one, sooo. But Mom is starting a tradition!!! what to pick next…

I picked the Apple cake next and it was wonderful. My next one was a mixed berry one ( I really liked that one, too. )

It is starting to get fuzzy…cant remember them all without a menu. But I can say that the red velvet cake one would have been my all time favorite if it had a graham cracker crust instead of a cakey thing at the bottom. Cheesecake without graham cracker crust isnt cheesecake…

I see. For me, the fresh strawberry cheesecake is kind of the go-to, but it can be a bit too predictable:

White chocolate raspberry cheesecake was nice:

Key lime was very nice, but it reminded me more like a Key lime pie than a cheesecake. Maybe that is not a bad thing, huh?

That raspberry CK used to have reg graham cracker crust. It was really good. One of my first picks. It looks like it is a flavored crust now…ugh.

I live in Fla and can get key limes if I call my friend and tell her to send them to me. I also make a pretty darn good key lime pie, so that one never held my interest.

The strawberry just seems like a plain with comstock…and I have already had plain…

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Me, too. At least their version is yellow!

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I tried it once. I did not like them at all.I think it was a banana version.

Some years ago there was a big assortment of Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes at a holiday spread - I think it was Thanksgiving at Dad’s. Frankly I did not find them very appealing. They were - like everything else about that establishment- overwrought. Absurdly indulgent but not actually exquisite. Peanut Buttery and Fudgey in my memory they were cloyingly sweet and just “too much”

I like cheesecake but I like it classic S&S in the Bronx is where cheesecakes always came from and still should IMO - the classic cream-cheese cheesecake is perfect as is and need not be embellished into a vanilla pretzel caramel truffle fudge cake. I don’t believe I have had the CF’s version of the classic to judhe but all the variants I can pass on