Cheese in and around Palm Coast, Florida

So we have been living here in Palm Coast for a week now. I’m not surprised that we can’t find Stonewall kitchen, but I am surprised that the Publix does not have manchego cheese. In fact, they have no food cheese. Does anyone know of any places to buy nice cheeses in this area? I’m glad I brought my French butter!

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Look in the deli area…not in the dairy. Even my.small town Publix carries manchego and aged chevre.

Check out Small Beginnings Sheep Farm…they’re up your way, but make special runs down here to deliver their products…they have sheep’s milk and make their own manchego. I just ordered some this morning but they wont be down here for another week so I’ll let you know if it’s good.

They also make soaps and lotions from the milk from their herd of Friesians.

Also look for Sprouts Market and Fresh Market. Both are more budget friendly versions of Whole Foods, with solid cheese counters.

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Thank you. Yes, I looked in the deli section of Publix and no manchego. I can’t believe they don’t have a good cheese section. Even the market in Maine had one. I’ll check out your other suggestions, too!!!

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gwenn, I may have mentioned in our other thread, I grew so frustrated with the cheese selection in our area that I started looking into direct mail order from U.S. producers. eventually we found our way to trader joes in jacksonville and, armed with a large cooler, loaded up on our favorites. An added bonus is that the jacksonville store is the only TJ’s in fl licensed to sell wine, they have a great, well-priced selections (imo better than ABC).

I know the trip is longer from palm coast, you may want to make a day of it, stop at the big st aug farmer’s market, the alligator park, lighthouse, etc.


I plan to order from Murray’s. They also have my butter.

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TJs in Tampa and Sarasota sell wine, too.

interesting, I thought fl was one wine shop per state per company. I guess not!

Winn Dixie, Publix, Whole Foods, Sprouts, TJs, Aldi, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s, ABC Liquors, Total Wine, Circle K, 7-11,and Target all sell wine and beer at all of their stores in FL.

The quirky alcohol law is that spirits have to be sold in a store that doesnt share an entrance with a grocery (no idea what arcane logic brought that into existence)…so many of those same chains have a small store off to the side of the main store.

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gwenn, arrived yesterday, we have boars head manchego in our publix but it was very hard to find. at the edge of aisle containing dairy, there is a standalone boars head refrigerated cheese display with a number of different types of cheese including manchego. even after i found the display, it was hard to find, i had to enlist a kind publix worker who located it for me.

good luck!

ha, of course you are correct, i’ve been to a million publix, all with wine!

In case this helps any: We received a gift order from Murray’s this past year and I was impressed with how well the cheese was packed for travel.

As a person who is reluctant to order perishable goods for shipment, I’d feel comfortable ordering from Murray’s.

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Thanks. I have found it in Publix now but such small pieces. Still plan to order from Murray’s. The have my butter too!

I have ordered from them before when I lived in Westchester. They were great. Thanks!

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