Cheese Board (Berkeley) Cheese Bread?

When I was going to UC Berkeley in the 70s, we used to buy a kind of cheese bread at the Cheese Board’s old closet-size location on Vine St. If I remember correctly, the dough was slightly sweet and had cheese (maybe teleme?) layered through it. I’d love to make it if I could figure out just what it was. Anybody have any thoughts? I got their cookbook, but the only bread that sounds vaguely familiar is the asiago bread which has onions which what I’m thinking of didn’t. Hope someone can help. Thanks!

It still exists. I think this is the one:

The cheese is asiago, no onions.

Thank you so much! I’m going over tomorrow to check them out.

Are you thinking of the Greek shepherd’s bread? It has a salty Greek cheese, olives, and onions and IIRC is only available one day a week.

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