Checchino dal 1887 [Rome]- Any decent bars nearby?

I’ve a table booked for early December at Checchino dal 1887. I’m very excited and as the missus doesn’t really do offal I’ve had to promise to let her pick all the other restaurants during our four day stay. Does anyone have any decent recs for a bar for an aperitivo before we head there for dinner?


They have a pretty sedate location with outdoor tables at which you might want to drink your aperitivo’s before dinner. If not, I seem to recall several other small places around the square that are probably good for drinks. By the way, Checchino has one of the deepest, best wine lists anywhere at great prices and, if you like wine, do some research (there’s an old CH post from “Tenor Tom” or something like that from three or so years ago that talks about this). You may change your mind and start off with an old great bottle of white wine for next to nothing that beats any Aperol or Cynar you’re going to drink. The owner and staff can be hit or miss friendly, but I think that engaging him in the wine list and ordering the pajata (that’s the offal dish you want, right? Yes… it is) should melt the iceberg. Have a great time. That area of Rome is great.