Cheap thrills in Long Beach area?

I’m getting out again after…a long two years of Covid. Hiking with a friend in Palos Verdes and wondered if you have recommendations for exciting and delicious food in San Pedro and Long Beach for afterwards. Bit low on cash so --cheap is good. Love Cambodian other SE Asia food…but mostly…big flavor. Sorry if this is too broad but feel like I’m coming back after a long time away!


Chori Man and Phnom Penh Noodle Shack

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Hi @Heymary ,

Welcome to Hungry Onion and welcome back (to outside)! :slight_smile:

What @JeetKuneBao said: Chori-Man in San Pedro is amazing. I posted thoughts and pics in this Taco thread (it’s about halfway through the pics). They make 4 different types of Chorizo in-house. All standout. :slight_smile:

I just ran across a nice eatery that I want to try a 2nd or 3rd time to make sure it’s consistent / solid and then I’ll ping you about it. Cheers.

there are three locations of Super Mex in the LBC. Cheap large delicious.

Whiskey Flats for BBQ and BBQ Tacos.

And second the rec from @JeetKuneBao for Chiro Man, but just be warned they close at 2 p.m. (ask me how I know)

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Great thanks !! Super Mex and Chiro Man sound great (house chorizo !! ) . Any tips for Cambodian? I don’t know if a lot of them in Long Beach made it thru covid.