Cheap Eats -- Zaaki (food truck) and Yaowarat Rd (Quincy)

Zaaki - this is a food truck, that presumably parks around metro Boston.
We were lucky to have our building invite food trucks come in to our neck of the woods today, and I was delightfully surprised! Certainly not your kebab and schwarma menu, though they do have chicken schwarma as an offering. Their “mediterranean” menu is primarily a dish called koshari. Chicken is an add on protein; most of the menu is vegetarian. My koshari plate was super tasty, and their “fiery” sauce indeed packs a good punch. I would be pretty happy if this truck came back once a week. I tried their falafel as well and they were nice and moist, with a good crisp exterior. Worth a visit if you find them.

Yaowarat Rd - in Wollaston area of Quincy.
Supposedly does Thai Street food, which translates mainly to rice plates and noodle dishes. I tried a rice plate with fried pork belly, Chinese sausage (interesting version of it – they are bigger and softer than what you typically see in Chinese markets), soy sauce egg, and pickled ginger and cucumber garnish. This comes with a mystery clear soup that was very mild in flavor and a soy-based sauce for dipping. The rice plate is good sized portion, and the pork belly had good flavor. Hard to mess up on fried pork belly though. The soy egg was ok - I don’t generally like hard boiled eggs because they tend to be dry; this was no different. I liken this place to Wai Wai in Chinatown, but newer, bigger, cleaner and with an extended menu. The chicken bits soup at Wai Wai is tastier though. :slight_smile:

While there are a few familiar Thai dishes, you won’t find pad kee mao and other dishes that are staples at Thai American restaurants these days so I applaud them for trying to do something different.