Cheap eats recs... Mine: Mint Indian Eatery, Powderhouse Sq., Somerville...

Just tried this place last weekend–very small, maybe 20 seats? nice and clean, free chai, friendly service, easy parking. 20$ got me + the s.o. a side of six delicious fried pakoras and a thali plate with some chicken saag (really good, well cooked and juicy chicken) and some solid aloo gobi with potatoes so hot I burned my mouth eating too fast. plus rice. also a mango lassi, not out of the ordinary but a good accompaniment.

would happily go back and try more stuff here. lots of things on the menu that seem worth a shot.

maybe you have a place for cheap eats you have been to recently? c’mon, pony up.

Mint Eatery has been on my list, but Mr. Smtucker has become so enamored with BBQ International in Union Square and it has been hard to talk him into going “all the way” to PowderHouse.

I still love Rincon Mexicano on East Broadway. You can either do a cheap, cheap, cheap soup or taco or splurge with a slightly less cheap dinner entree.

Not a cheap dinner though certainly not expensive, Dosa n’Curry is still knocking it out of the park.

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Can you tell us more about BBQ International? I’ve wondered about that place!

I stick to their Indian menu, leaving the pizzas and sandwiches to others. They have a tandoor oven and know how to use it. My husband loves the Bombay wings, done in the tandoor. The tandoor chicken and salmon are both excellent. We rotate between the Dal Tadka, Dal Makhani and Chana Masala. I don’t love their vegetable dishes, which is too bad. The breads are excellent. They make a great dough and that oven… perfect. If they offer you some of the pea soup as you wait for you food, say yes! I love this soup. I think it is a pea and mint soup, perhaps with some yogurt, and it is spicy in all the right ways. I wish I could buy this soup by the quart but it is just a complementary, while you wait, soup.

For some reason, the food at lunch isn’t as well prepared as during dinner time. Maybe the wings haven’t marinated enough yet? Or the dal hasn’t cooked for long enough? Or the cook line isn’t as well experienced? I don’t know why, but the deep flavors are muted, and the food is just not as spicy.

I’d been meaning to try BBQ international for a while.

Perhaps I should have heeded your advice and done it at dinner time.

It was a cold and rainy day yesterday and I was stuck at home with a special needs child and no car. So ordered delivery around 3 pm.

Very disappointed.

The Chana Masala and Dal Tadka tasted exactly the same. I asked for extra spicy, and was spicy, but cumin dominated far too much and they both taste like cumin. Cumin and spicy only. No difference between lentils and chickpeas. Generic “sauce” with cumin plus. I like cumin, but not to the exclusion of anything else. Maybe I’ll try to simmer them with some extra tomato and acid. Garlic naan was OK but nothing special. Rice side was fine.

next time try the himalayan menu (himalayan kitchen)