[Cheadle Hulme, Greater Manchester] Whittakers

Whittakers has long had a good reputation as one of the best chippies in the area. But, until recently, it was takeaway only and not near enough to home for us to try it. Now, they’ve extended into the adjacent premises and have a café. So, we went for lunch.

A large haddock for me and a small cod for my companion in life. Both with chips & peas. Fish was excellent, with a lovely crisp batter that they could probably hear in Bramhall when you cut into it. Chips were almost perfect, needing a few more seconds in the fryer to brown them up a tad more. Peas suitably mushy, without being slop. A round of buttered white sliced provided the necessary for a chip butty.

Good lunch.


I saw this post in my “New” posts, and had to read. The name, and all that. :grin: I’m glad Whittakers treated you and the Mrs. well, Harters.


Haha! Now we both want a chip butty. Nice to read you, Harters!

If I may offer advice on the perfect chip butty…

…you need to start with cheap supermarket white sliced bread. Then slather it with butter - more than you think necessary (it will melt in a moment or two and dribble down your chin). Then pile high with chips. These need to be proper British chips, well fried and with a good colour, but still with some floppiness. Crisp American fries would be an abomination. All that’s now needed is a good drenching with malt vinegar. Clamp on second slice of buttered bread. Squeeze together, but not so much that chips fall out. Enjoy.

A return visit for a family lunch for eight of us. That’s six cod & chips with me & Mrs H choosing haddock. Some of us had mushy peas. One of us also had bread & butter for the aforementioned chip butty. Yep, that was me (never knowingly underfed to misquote the John Lewis shops’ advertising). 'Tis all good - crisp batterm big flakes of fish, well fried chips. peas mushy but not too mushy. In fact, I don’t believe I know a better sit-down chippy in the South Manchester area. It gets the Harters & Hartess Gold Medal, with silver & bronze going to Fosters and Jacksons. With Jackson’s really only getting a bronze as there were only three in the running.