[Cheadle, Greater Manchester] Yara

Pre-Covid there were about 20 restaurants that we used to visit on a regular basis. Of those, Yara was the only one that we could get as home delivery during lockfown. And, of all the delivery meals we’’ve had, Yara’s food survived best. But it was great to be actually back in the restaurant.

There are still dishes on the menu that we haven’t tried but this was a meal to enjoy old favourites. As ever, we ordered several starters and a single main course to be brought altogether for us to share between the two of us. And everything was as good as ever.

Muhamara was the usual red pepper and walnut dip. It wasn’t quite as we remembered. Had they added a touch of pomegranate molasses for a bit of sweet/sharp? Really nice. Makmour is basically aubergine, cooked so long that it is almost another dip. Certainly went well with the pitta.

We had a couple of salads, each easily enough to feed 4. Tabbouleh is mainly parsley as you expect, but there’s also chopped onion and tomato. And fattoush is a mixed salad – lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish. Both were light and fresh and both could have stood more lemon juice in the dressing.

The single main course was a flavoursome kofta kebab (2 skewers). They serve that with two chilli sauces – one quite mild, the other anything but. Lovely.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold