[Cheadle, Greater Manchester] Yara

This was a birthday meal (*), so I got to pick where we ate.

We were last here in February, shortly after it had opened. Food then was good – no different from their places in Altrincham and Alderley Edge – but the service was a bit iffy. They’ve obviously had time to get themselves together and service was much better this visit.

We ordered everything to share and were asked if we wanted it all to come together or in two courses. Well, the table wasn’t that big so we decided on a more western two courses.

We ate:

  • Babaghanouj – the expected flavours of slightly smoky aubergine, garlic and tahini but slightly sweetened with pomegranate molasses

  • Pickles – as everywhere else, I’m sure a jar had been opened. Red cabbage, turnip and small peppers. You’d perhaps have hoped the peppers would have been chilli ones but, no, these are just small green peppers.

  • Makmour – more aubergine, this time cooked with tomato and onion. Similar to a ratatouille but with everything more blended together. They serve this hot or cold – we had it cold. Perhaps the dish I enjoyed most but my companion in life was less keen.

  • Ful Madamas – broad beans, served warm with chopped tomato and onion.

  • Pitta – a generous serving with the four previous dishes which formed our first course.

  • Mixed kebab – one skewer each of chicken, lamb shish and lamb kofte. Served simply and each cooked perfectly

  • Mediterranean salad – chopped quite finely, tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley and lettuce in a very lemony dressing.

  • Shami rice – well flavoured rice with a little vermicelli

We had eaten very well and waddled away quite happily.

(*) - 68, seeing as you asked

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Happy Birthday John! Sounds like a very good dinner to celebrate it!

happy birthday (over here again) ! one of my favourite ways to eat. confession - haven’t had an amazing middle Eastern meal since toronto but there it is. i’m going to start making my own falafels soon - the turkish shops around here in norf lundun innit do a terrible job! thinking about that smoky Babaghanouj and…well…toronto!

Thanks, pals.

I’ve tried making my own falafel. They fell apart during the frying. I gather the secret is to start with dried chickpeas rather than tinned but I’ve not revisited it.