[Cheadle, Greater Manchester] Yara - via Deliveroo

Another really good home delivery meal, via Deliveroo. I think that, over the months of swapping our weekly restaurant night for a weekly restaurant delivery night, it’s the Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean ones that have travelled the best. As always with eating Yara’s food, it was several starters and one main course to share between the two of us.

Moutabal and makmour were as good as ever. Packed full of flavour. Tabouleh was as light and fresh as you like. My partner thought it absolutely cracking. For me, it would have stood more lemon juice. Falafal were tasty and a good texture. The other hot starter was a new one for us – ful moukala. Certainly well flavoured but perhaps not as flavoursome as the better known ful madamas. If we’d been eating this in the restaurant, we’d also have ordered some pickles – but, like olives, they are always something we have in the fridge at home. So out came several jars –olives, mixed torshi, pickled turnips.

The main course was shish tawook. Marinated cubes of chicken, grilled on skewers. Yara also send you several little cartons of sauce – a couple of chilli ones and, I think, plain yoghurt. The very fiery chilli sauce went really well the chicken. Pittas formed the carb.

We also ordered some “date bites” which were a nice enough end to the meal as a nibble with coffee. A bit like Jacobs fig rolls in texture and flavour.


Was the chili based salsa (thicker than a sauce) HARISSA ?

No, it was just a chilli sauce. You won’t find harissa, as such, in Middle Eastern cuisine - it’s very much North African.


Yes, it is common in Morocco, but historically it is from Tunisia, according to many chefs and one can make it at home with the right spices. Not difficult.

I think I recall that naf uses the same make of harissa as I do. Le Phare du Cap Bon which is made in Tunisia. Readily available in the UK, and so cheap, so not really worth making your own.

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I will check it out …

Thank you for the brand name.

And here is the actual lighthouse at Cape Bon


Lovely photograph ! Ironic how Harissa has been produced by a company called Le Phare du Cap Bon !

Sorry but I don’t understand why that’s ironic.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold