[Cheadle, Greater Manchester] Yara - via Deliveroo

This was the first of our new “delivery nights”, replacing our weekly “restaurant nights”, while we’re hit by coronavirus. As the norm for us now with Middle Eastern meals, we mostly order from the starter menu and add in a kebab. And Yara is one of our regular places.

Babaghanoush was excellent. Perfect texture for scooping up with the pittas that came with it. And a deep, smokey flavour offset by lemon. Halloumi was pleasant enough with some nice charring and a good texture which was squeaky on the teeth,as I always think it should be. Falafel were well made, with well seasoned crushed chickpeas in a crisp coating. At the restaurant, they come with a tahini sauce but that was missing this evening which did mean the falafel were a bit dry. Fattoush was another winner. Lots of crisp salad, with just the right amount of croutons in a very lemony dressing.

A main course kofta kebab tasted pretty damn good but, like the falafel, was a bit dry. Maybe an issue connected with home delivery, although the restaurant is only five minutes’ drive away. We ordered a portion of rice but, with all the bread, it was actually unnecessary but will make a reappearance at lunch along with the other leftovers.

No, not as good as enjoying a meal at a restaurant where someone else does the washing up but a pleasant evening all the same. And just a few steps before flopping down in front of the TV.


Glad that you’re able to make the best of it, John. Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face::clinking_glasses:

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