[Cheadle, Greater Manchester] Turquoise - home delivery meal

In normal times, Turquoise has quite an extensive and varied menu, taking in quite a number of Italian (and Italianesque) dishes alongside Turkish ones. Now reliant on takeaway and home delivery, it’s pared back to its roots and now just offers a number of mainly Turkish dishes. Ordering was straightforward and payment was cash on delivery (we’re in isolation, so put it in an envelope pinned to the front door). And delivery was quick – 30 minutes or so.

Tabule was decent enough. Not as much parsley as you’d get in a Lebanese version and it certainly needed much more lemon. If that was a minor disappointment, none was needed with the other starter of aubergine salad (patlikan salatsi). This was outstanding . Long cooked aubergine and tomato, so that it formed almost a thick sauce. Perfect for scooping up with the flatbreads that came with the meal. You’ll find versions of this dish in Lebanese restaurants where it’s called makmour but this one was really excellent. Best thing we ate.

For main courses, we both ordered their “sizzler” dishes (perhaps the only things on the reduced menu that are not specifically Turkish). One lamb, the other vegetables. There’s strips of peppers, onions, mushrooms, mangetout and, for the lamb one, thin pieces of meat. It comes in a thick, slightly sweetish sauce with a background hit of chill, accompanied by a generous portion of rice. We liked this but both thought that the presentation and taste felt something a bit like a Chinese stirfry where hoisin sauce is used. A bit odd – but in a good way.

We’ll certainly be using them again during the lockdown.