[Cheadle, Greater Manchester] La Cueva , via Just Eat

La Cueva was our latest weekly “restaurant home delivery “ meal which, during the lockdowns, has taken the place of our weekly “going to a restaurant” meal. It’s never really been on our radar, although we’ve walked past it many times. It’s just that tapas never really seems to work for us as a proper meal. You know how it is – you order several dishes and have in your mind which order it feels right to eat them in. And it never works as the kitchen sends them out whenever they’re ready. But, a different kettle of fish with a home delivery as you’ve got everything together of course. So it’s going to work. We ate

  • Albondigas. Big, well seasoned meatballs in a thick, tasty and slightly sweet tomato sauce

  • Ham croquetas – decent béchamel mixed with a little ham in a crisp coating

  • Calamari – squid rings in a batter that was probably lovely and crisp when they came out of the fryer but hadn’t travelled that well. Nice alioli with them.

  • Tortilla. Potato & spinach. Nice

  • Pan Catalan. Thick slices of baguette topped with finely chopped tomato with the flavour of olive oil coming through, just as it should. Perhaps the nicest thing we ate.

  • Paella marisco – a disappointingly underflavoured version that including some bits of squid that were so chewy as to be inedible

  • Bread – two types of a baguette sort. Nice

  • And, for dessert, crisp, sugary churros which were far better than the thin, bland chocolate sauce that came with them.

It’s always going to be the case with a meal like this that some dishes work better than others. This was good enough that we’d order delivery from them again.