[Cheadle, Greater Manchester] Kebab Erbil

Lunch at this newish place. From the name, I assume the folk who run it are from the part of Kurdistan that’s in Iraq. It’s one of those places that’s a sort of crossover between restaurant and takeaway – cooking and serving area at the front, so convenient for takeaway but with quite a lot of tables at the back of the room. I presumed that, like other places, you would order at the counter, even for eating in, but the guy said that he would come to us. Which would have been fine if he’d got round to bringing the menus without an undue delay. Or come back to take an order. However there was a freebie bowl of a thin lentil soup to eat while we waited. A “Kurdish kebab” for me – basically a flattened lamb kofta, like an Iranian koobideh kebab. It sat on a flat bread (which nicely soaked up the juices) and came with mixed salad and a couple of chilli peppers. Large mixed mezze for Veggie Vera – houmous, cacik, tangy aubergine dip, aubergine pickle and spicy potatoes (a Kurdish version of the Lebanese batata harra, with more chilli). There were couple of flatbreads for scooping. Food was fine but nothing to write home about.