[Cheadle, Greater Manchester] Indian Tiffin Room, via Deliveroo

This was a lockdown home delivery meal, via Deliveroo. Going back some time, we used to go to ITR fairly regularly – generally to their branch in Manchester which we liked better than the Cheadle place. But we went off it. No particular reason, just found other local South Asian restaurants that we preferred. However, none of those places are doing home delivery to our address – and a weekly home delivery from a restaurant has replaced our weekly visit to a restaurant. We last had a delivery from ITR in October and, to be frank, we were a bit disappointed with quality – maybe chef was having an off night. Anyway, this week’s meal was a lot better and absolutely fine.

Between the two of us, we ate three starters. Vegetable samosa was well flavoured, with crisp, non-greasy pastry. Beetroot shami kebab was excellent – both in flavour and having a texture almost like a meat kebab. And, speaking of meat, the seekh kebab also had a good flavour, if a little dry. There’s tangy, spicy chutney to perk everything up.

We just ordered one main course – the ITR chicken. It’s a good portion, quite wet from all the sauce, but a good general spicing here, with a decent chilli hit but not overly so. We also had a side order of tarka daal which was a real success.

For carbs, we shared a portion of fluffy white rice and a tandoori roti, both of which were fine.


I love shami kebabs, and beetroot is one of my favourite vegetables - putting them together sounds heavenly. :yum:

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