Chaz Palmintierri is opening a restaurant in White Plains

I totally stole this from CH - sorry. But I heard good things about his place in NY. I’ll try it.

Spaghetti and meatballs - $30 (pass)

:astonished: that’s nuts

If they’re going to have the same menu and price point as the NYC location, I don’t see them surviving very long.

I have no idea what they are planning. My impression is that it will be more focuses on pizza, pasta and not as upscale. We will see!

Sadly, moderately priced restaurants have all but disappeared. Most of the “nicer” restaurants, even here in the suburbs have priced themselves (necessarily) so that they are for occasional or special occasion. The true moderate priced restaurants (excluding chains) have become upscale burger, or pizza & pasta. How many places with basically similar menus are wanted or needed? Perhaps they will offer a discount for tables without table linens?

I have noticed that prices have gone up. But I’d rather pay a bit more and have the restaurants come through this nightmare. You’re right - even at the take out pizza places.

Didn’t mean so much during the pandemic, but just as a cultural shift in general. Look even Danny Meyer admits to using the profits from Shake shack to somewhat subsidise his first love a full service restaurant. It helps him to keep the prices from being even higher. (At least I think I read that)

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold