Charlies of Lincroft (formally Lincroft Inn) Lincroft NJ

Interesting, there hasn’t been an official thread dedicated to them yet? If I missed it when I searched point it out and I will consolidate this into it, all I could find were mentions in other threads.

So, my son talked me into taking him here for a boy’s weeknight dinner. I had been looking forward seeing and trying this place, although it was with mixed emotions. While I will NOT defend the Lincroft Inn as a restaurant the last 10 years it was horrible, but I had so many happy memories there. For about 10 years we held our company Christmas / Holiday party in their back room, and it was a great cozy room for those kinds of parties etc.

Arrived 6:30pm and I’m not sure if Valet Parking is mandatory, but I did use it. I’m torn on Valet at a place that offers burgers, I think even Nicholas let valet parking go with re-launch of his brand.
Anyway, walked in was greeted, asked if we had reservations, we did not, were told they had “a high top at the bar”. We agreed, even though EVERY table in the dining room to our left was open. (they have booths, I think, I couldn’t see their occupancy)

The room is nice, there was a decent crowd at the bar and several other tables were open etc. Service was great and I do like the “feel” of the place. We ordered: Brussel sprout Cesare salad - pork chop - linguine and crab.

The salad was shredded brussel sprouts, it was large, dense and pretty good. I mean for what it was I enjoyed it.

Prok Chop itself was rather average quality and cut. Much better to be had out there, the accompaniments with the pork chop were very good. My son did give a raving review of the perogies on the side.

My linguine with clams while excellent quality and taste, it was soaked in oil. I’m a big eater and I gotta tell you, I was somewhat queasy by the end. That was way too heavy, the home-made pasta while delicious was heavy and the oil really added to that. Look at how much oil and remnants there are after the pasta was finished. I actually requested bread (they forgot to bring it) so I could soak up some of it, that’s when I hit the “wall”. I’ve had the meat sweats more than a few times in my life, but the pasta and oil garlic sweats are another animal. Thankfully pepto is in handy supply in my house!

Bread was an excellent crusty toasted sourdough. :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

Sourdough bread tastes like what old gym socks would taste like.

I would go back but I would stick to salads, burger or pizza next time. The main courses were not up to my liking, including price vs quality.


Wow - there’s enough oil in that dish for a second one or maybe even a third…

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That mayo salad probably didn’t help either :slight_smile: