we come.

After years of heading North on the Garden State to Montreal on our road trips… the South beckons and with Savannah under our belts in late December we thought we would explore Charleston for a couple days.
No reservations as yet but playing it by ear…suggestions?

Thanks Y’all…

FIG is fantastic. Reservations essential. I’ve been twice, liked it better than Husk. I am also very fond of Hominy Grill, for both brunch and dinner. The first time I went to Charleston we liked that place so much we went back twice in three days.

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Thanks for the recommendation…We had the same experience in Savannah, so much so we went back twice and loved it. But that’s our MO, did the same in Portland Maine,Seattle,Montreal and San Francisco.
Did you do any good raw bars?

Have a great time in Charleston! So much to see, eat and do. You have some good recs here and I would add: Martha Lou’s for some real southern low country cooking, just out side of the main drag in town; Magnolia’s, lovely upscale spot; McCrady’s, owned by the same team as Husk; and Pearlz or Amen Street for oyster and seafood bars.
Upper King Street is a great destination for a new wave of southern restaurants. Lower King Street for shopping. You must also walk The Battery, where we stayed…

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Husk, Two Boroughs Larder, Artisan Meat Share, Butcher & Bee would be the places I’d go to, but it’s been too long since I’ve been to CHS… Also the bar at Husk served one of the best burgers I’ve had and I love a good burger.

Isn’t Top Chef filing there now?

Ended up at Hank’s Seafood last night. Busy place. We had reservations. 6 meals, everyone enjoyed their food. All seafood cooked correctly and presented well. Service was friendly and efficient

Expectations met.


A great start. Enjoy your holiday and quality time with family (and friends).

I just read an article recently (NYT or New Yorker, I can’t recall which) that said that the CHS food scene has gotten too crazy and some of the original restaurateurs are closing down. Hominy Grill is gone, I believe, which is kind of tragic.

I responded on your Savannah thread that we really like Purlieu & Fig and had a very nice meal at 39 Rue de Jean as well. Also Chez Nous, but look at their menu as they change it daily & have only 2 choices each night.

Thanks. Staying at the Belmond Charleston Place. Our 2nd and last dinner here is at the Charleston Grill.

Tomorrow on to Savannah. Husk wants $25 per head to hold the reservations. So need an alternate cuz some feel that’s a bit much to ask for.