Charles Osgood and Julia Child - “They don’t make them like that anymore…”

I’ve been sitting here in my friend’s home all morning watching CBS Sunday Morning’s tribute to one of their former hosts Charles Osgood. When I was a resident of the US, I watched that program every Sunday morning first with the original host, Charles Kuralt and then with his “replacement” Charles Osgood (in quotation marks because I don’t or should I say “didn’t” because I was wrongly suspicious that someone could “replace” Mr. Kuralt.)

As I’ve been out of the US since 2009, I wasn’t there when Mr. Osgood was perfectly replaced by Jane Pauley…whom I’ve loved since she was brought on to be one of the cohosts of NBC’s “Today” show.

I’ve been quite sad since I read of Mr. Osgood’s passing and being that I’m here in Japan where I have ZERO American friends to commiserate with about it, I thought I’d just have to let it go and keep my thoughts to myself…until I saw this segment as part of the tribute. I figured since it included Julia Child, it had enough of a food connection to warrant creating a post.

I’ve ALWAYS loved Julia Child and watched her PBS program since it was broadcast in B&W. She, just like Mr. Osgood seem like they were “genuine” and not some “made for TV” persona.

So I created this post with the admittedly clichéd subtitle of “They don’t make them like that anymore…”

Rest in eternal peace, Mr. Osgood and I hope you can share a meal with Ms. Child up there. I thank both of you for the happiness and quality you brought to the airwaves and to Ms, Child, kitchens and tables.

I hope the other Hungry Onions will enjoy this video of Mr, Osgood and Ms. Child in a kitchen as much as I did.


Well said. I also enjoyed this mornings tribute.


Thank you. I hope it got a lot of viewership because he and the tribute deserve as much as possible. He’ll be sorely missed!