Charity from India to try and help UK's child food poverty problem

Following on from the “disconnect between cooking tips and reality” thread, I came across this link to today’s BBC “Food Programme” reporting on an Indian charity which is coming to the UK to try and help with child food poverty during school holidays. Yes, the problem is so bad that we need to get help from the Third World.


Interesting. Akshaya Patra is well-regarded in India. Wonder how their methods will translate overseas.

The journey out of poverty is a much harder one than the one in, all over the world. Would that we could all share what might be effective.

Incidentally, almost a quarter of world GDP pre-colonialism, ie before deindustrialization and wholesale resource depletion - and third world only after.

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Yes. A friend of mine who grew up in Calcutta/Kolkata always says irritatedly to New Yorkers that Calcutta is just like New York - if you have enough money you’ll be living in a first world country, without it, you’re living in the third world. Same thing my Brazilian friend always says about Brazil.

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