Charisa Thai in Ashburn

Charisa is fairly new and seems to have no customer base yet, which is a shame. They definitely have a number of interesting ‘signature dishes.’ Online, you have a choice between an order of Mild, Medium, Thai Hot, Exra Hot and Chef’s Hot. For dine in the default is to serve two chili hot, which is their Medium.

I got the Boat Noodle Soup at the two chili level. Very well crafted with blood in the broth as it should be. Now that the great Floating Market Noodle Soup is no more at the defunct Nava Thai in Wheaton, I need to find a replacement.

At Charisa, I should have pushed them to serve it Chef’s Hot, and if I go back I will. The heat I had was at a good level but I craved more.

Other signature dishes that look intriguing are the spicy eggplant with minced chicken and pad ped pha.