Charcuterie Chalets

A friend of mine mentioned something called a “charcuterie chalet” that people are making this year instead of gingerbread houses. How did I miss this?

I had to try making one on our latest stay-at-home Saturday. Charcuterie chalet seems fancy for the thing we actually assembled, so I give you the “lunchmeat lighthouse.” Entertainment and dinner, solved.


I stuck with ingredients that we have around the house. Some items, like the quick pickled jalapeño rings meant to be wreaths (hiding under the red pepper bows) aren’t quite right for the purpose. Imperfections are part of the fun!

If I do this again, my eyes are on a “crudité castle.” My one rule is that we have to be able to eat the whole thing, minus any lighting or props, so that food doesn’t go to waste.


Other things to build, some simple, some fairly challenging:

Vegetable villa

Pork park

Bacon beacon

Pasta fasul post office

Carpaccio carpet

Pepper paper

Avocado avenue

Cabernet cabinet

Lobster laboratory

Duck dock

Lettuce lattice

Cabbage cottage

Pear pier

Gazpacho gazebo

Turnip turnpike

Prosciutto proscenium

Ham home

Stew statue

Hotcake hotel (with chicken check-in)

Shad shed



a leaning tower of pizza

(Sorry, I’m pretty sleepy - I probably haven’t given this list the carrot deserves.)


I think pepper pavilion has a nice ring to it @DavidPF.

That looks great!

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Someone made this


Thank you and welcome to Hungry Onion, @StanHansen!

My goodness, maybe next year I could go bigger. :laughing: