Charbroiled Hamburgers

If anyone remembers Al Newman’s in Jersey City, which closed in the early 80’s, I have been looking for this type of burger. Nice char to it, great bun, yum! I am in Mercer County but drive for good food. Tavern on the Lake in Hightstown came close, but they kept either changing kitchen staff or product and it’s not the same.

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Not sure about Princeton Trenton area, but we have a number of really good burger places here in Monmouth/Ocean.

Some that come to mind are Frankie’s in PPB, Barnacle Bills in Rumson, McDonaghs in Keyport, Oyster Point in Red Bank, Harpoon Willy’s in Manasquan, Bond Street Bar in Asbury, and Nagles in Ocean Grove.

I’m sure if you check the burger thread you will find some other ideas.

Cool topic.

When you say charbroiled are you referring to charcoal grilled? That’s kind of my thought. I had a charcoal thread on chow hound that I should resurrect on here.

How much would you pay per month to ban the use of any gas cooking methods in our country? Lol

Imagine a world where everything is cooked over wood? : )

Btw I think most of the places in Monmouth are grilling with gas.

Yes almost every place does unfortunately. Even though the prices have sky rocketed I still like rodeio grill

CJ, have you ever been to Nagles in Ocean Grove for a burger?

I think you would like it. They grill them up on this strange little electric grill thingy that looks like it’s from the 1930’s.

Very tasty. And they have good ice cream too.

No sir. That town is a little weird but I’d check it out for a good burger. Tell me a little about these please.

The grill can’t be any older than the ocean view cash register :slight_smile:

So I was looking online for a shot of the burger at Nagles, but can’t find one.

I guess I will have to take a shot for the team and go do this myself.