Chapel Hill, North Carolina Jasmin

I really love felafel & meant to try this place, but it looks like a fast food chain which was a turn-off. Anyway after midterms today I popped in and ordered for take-out.
And it was delicious;
the felafel sandwich, well I could see the fresh herbs mixed with the chickpeas, always a great sign and the pita was stuffed with pickles (I told them I like it spicy). The chicken shwarma which in my yearly meaty moment was great, moist, a touch of tahini, with their fab hot sauce…the baba ghanoush was smoky - oh kudos and the tzaziki side also so good. Finally the small baklavas…light & crisp.
Ignore the decor and go; I’m in heaven now.


This is great to hear. I’m not a fan of Med Deli, and was hoping this place would be a step up.

LM: I know we were both talking about this.
One thing the pitas are more wraps, so if that’s not for you just ask for a plate. And make sure to ask for hot sauce, spicy pickles:)

Good tip on the pitas. I’d have to see them to decide, but the breadier something is, the less inclined I am to like it with a sandwich (this sounds ridiculous, and I apologize in advance everyone).

So you’re saying tacos over tortas? I think that jibes with my experience.

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I am right with you on that. I love fried softshell crab but cant eat it as a sandwich. Same with breaded parms…just cant.

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Interesting; I adore bread. What is bready about felafal? They’re chickpeas,but then maybe it seems similar as they’re both carbohydrates. I’m used to eating lots of them being veg. Oh the vine leaves are good too, the tabouleh is mostly parsley I could pass on that.

Curious why no love for Med Deli? Its been one of my Chapel Hill favorites for years.

Everyone has different taste, I guess? I don’t think the quality is good at all but obviously lots of people love it since it has expanded. The falafel are tough, hard and tasteless. The salads are often way too oily for my taste. I really love Middle Eastern food; this place has disappointed me every time.

My experience mirrors that of LulusMom. My go-to is Neomondes in Raleigh.

years ago I enjoyed Med Deli; but to me their quality went down; I find their food tired and tasteless. FYI the hummus is delicious at Jasmin too.